Day 335-336 of 400: Travel from Thailand to India

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We left paradise behind us as we rode the speedboat through the blue waters of Thailand.  After about an hour, we arrived on the docks of Phuket where a taxi drove us to a beach close to the airport.  We had a little bit of time before our flight but not too much so wanted to be within a few minutes of the airport.  We found a restaurant which was right across the street from the beach and sat on the patio to eat some bar food and have a couple of drinks.

After dinner, we had a taxi drive us the 5 minutes down the road and got ourselves checked in for our very long flight.  First we had to fly all the way to Guangzhou, China…then from China to India!  The airport in China was absolutely freezing…a huge airport with no heat!  Literally everyone was walking around completely bundled up as if we were all outside.  Can the Chinese government just give its people a tiny bit of heat?  Maybe just enough so our toes don’t get frost bite while we wait for our plane to take us out of here?  Geez…bathrooms and airports in China are noted.  The around the world tickets we purchased with our sky miles from Delta were a great deal but the downside…sometimes the flight connections have us go way out-of-the-way, and then of course we have dreaded layovers.

We finally arrived super late into the New Delhi airport, picked a taxi and anxiously got in it…we’ve heard the driving in India is unlike any other country.  The population in New Delhi alone is over 12 million!  As the taxi drove us the 25 minutes or so to our hotel…we were looking at our surroundings.  Since it was dark, it was hard to get a good feel of the area…but the first thing we did notice was the huge amounts of garbage laying all over the streets.  We felt a little un-easy as we got near our place…it seemed like the taxi was taking back roads and the area didn’t exactly feel safe.  We finally arrived and were met by the hotel staff who took our luggage inside for us.

The hotel was quaint, the staff was friendly…they showed us to our room which seemed fine.  Thankfully the hotel was nice and we felt totally safe inside…maybe we won’t be taking any walks around the block though!  Before going to bed, we arranged a driver for tomorrow with the front desk.  India is definitely not the place to rent a car…but you can hire a driver who may or may not speak English, but waits for you all day as he drives you from place to place for a pretty good price.  We are moving pretty quickly through a few cities in India and will need to have our days action packed in order to get to the major sights in northern India.

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