Day 334 of 400: Exploring the island of Yao Yai – Thailand

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After we got our morning beauty sleep and breakfast…we couldn’t resist laying by the infinity pool for a few hours.  The views from the pool were so peaceful…leaning on the pool wall looking at the blue water with big boulders peppering the horizon…do we really have to leave this place?

Once it hit the afternoon, we got our things packed up, clothes on and rented a scooter to go explore the island…to see how the locals live etc.  The scooter was a pretty funny experience…a bit on the dangerous side but so fun.  It took a little getting use to…the guys giving us the bike were kind of laughing as Giff tried to gently push the gas and went flying.  I was very nervous to have him driving…he did after all run a snow mobile right off a cliff one time so…I am hoping this ride goes smoothly!  We grabbed a map and had an idea of where to go assuming there would be signs on the roads…

We drove by several homes made of bamboo and built on stilts…people were out going about their daily lives and were quite friendly, waiving to us as we drove by.  We stopped at a store to see if they had contact solution, being that we were on a small island…English was not exactly well spoken, but through hand gestures we finally found a pharmacy who had two small bottles left…and they were much cheaper than back at home.

We noticed the island was muslim…all the women were covered up and there was no alcohol for sale anywhere (except our resort which is why the prices were so high).  We took a few turns and missed a few of the intended turns but had fun getting lost looking at the very non-touristy island.  We ended up on the other side of the island at a beach where some local kids were playing…we didn’t hang around too long because it would be getting dark soon and we needed to make sure we didn’t get lost…there are no street lights at night.

We took a side road and were driving through a rubber tree plantation, each tree had a little bowl attached to it collecting the tree’s latex sap and then is refined into a usable rubber.  We saw some of the little stores and local vendors along the of the vendors selling fruits/veggies had a monkey on a leash the way a dog would be, except he was jumping around back and forth testing the restraint of the string.  We were hoping he wasn’t being sold as food…maybe he’s a pet?

We got a bit lost on the way back, but a local noticed us looking at the map and pointed us into the right direction…he spoke a bit of English which was nice.  We made it back to our place but before pulling in…I wanted to try driving the scooter.  We pulled over and I got in the driver’s seat, with Giff sitting in the back, it kept tilting over so I had to have Giff stand on the side of the road while I tested it out…it was fun but scary.  I only drove down the road and then back to grab Giff before we pulled into our resort.

We had a great last day on the island…we mixed relaxation with exploring and were really glad we found this place.  We actually leave for India tomorrow which we are both a little intimidated about…we have heard mixed stories!!

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