Day 89 of 400: Manhattan – New York

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We started our morning at an eclectic little coffee shop where they hand pour hot water over the freshly ground coffee beans into your cup.  It does take a bit of time but the hot cup of caffeine is well worth the wait.  We sat outside at a table and sipped our coffee before strolling along the street towards the Wilmington Bridge to cross over from Brooklyn to Manhattan.  The view on the bridge was stunning…the whole NY skyline was surrounding us as we walked towards it.

Our breakfast came from the Doughnut Plant…true doughnuts aren’t so good for you but…this place was on the food network show of “best thing I ever ate”.  Do you really think we could just walk by the tiny shop with a line running out the door and down the street?  There must be something inside there in need of being tasted.  We got in line and after about 25 minutes, ordered the square PB&J doughnut as well as the carrot cake doughnut.  Picture this…delicious doughnut dough shaped into a square, filled with homemade jam then sprinkled with chopped peanuts and sealed with a sweet glaze-GET IN MY BELLY!

After eating our doughnuts in a small park in the middle of the busy city, we stopped in at Essex Street Market which was a typical food market for locals to purchase their fruits/veggies/cheeses etc.  After walking around a bit, we found Rice to Riches.  This place looked and felt like an ice cream parlor with the counter of selections and toppings.  It had fun signs hanging everywhere reminding you to indulge and not worry about the billion calories about to be consumed.  The selections consisted of every type of rice pudding imaginable.  We ordered the french toast rice pudding with oatmeal crumble topping.  The experience was fun and the sweet creamy flavor was good but the rice was mushy and it was so rich-only two bites or so were really needed in comparison to the huge portions they offered.

After feeling the pudding go straight to our hips, we walked it off as we fought the crowds towards Chinatown.  There were so many people out being it was a gorgeous Saturday.  We had one more food stop before getting back to Brooklyn.  We found it in an alley of Chinatown.  A place called, “Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles”.  Yes, it too was on the food network and was known for its handmade noodle soups.  We ordered two, a beef noodle and a shrimp/beef/egg/noodle soup.  Both were tasty and we did as we saw by slurping it with bowl to our face.

Bellies full, we hurried back to Brooklyn so we could get ready and meet Candice at her art Gallery and go to a museum party…it was her birthday!  We mingled at the party and looked at the exhibit in the museum before jumping in the car to go back to the apartment where we ordered NY pizza and drank wine.

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