Day 152 of 400: Positano – Italy

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Because today was our last day in Positano…we wanted to walk all over town.  We decided to walk down to the water to see the beach…367 stairs later we were at the bottom.  The beach was packed and it was about 90 degrees.  We dipped our toes in the water and then turned back around to climb the 367 stairs back up to the town. Needless to say, we were panting and gasping for air as sweat poured down our red faces.  Hopefully these steps will take some of the pasta we’ve been eating off our waistlines!

We continued our “walk” around the town, going up and down a few more narrow streets before deciding we needed to stop to eat.  We stopped at a restaurant that had tables outside overlooking the water.  We sat and ordered fresh seafood…octopus, shrimp, sardines, smoked salmon, mussels/clams etc.  We ended up spending a bit more on lunch than we normally do…some of these places are priced specifically for tourists although the food was good.

We continued walking around the winding streets.  There was an area that was full of shopping…boutique after boutique filled with high-end linen clothes, name brand sunglasses, shoe stores where the shoemaker would make the sandal from scratch to fit your foot…etc.  This was by no means a place to find good deals or items on sale…these were very expensive places but good quality too.  We did our fair share of shopping.  We tried on clothes for fun and enjoyed looking at all the luxurious stuff.

Lemons were everywhere…we’re not talking about a normal lemon…these lemons were HUGE.  There were lemon trees, lemonade stands, limoncello (an after-dinner drink that tastes like vodka, lemon and sugar), lemon flavored chocolate, lemon soap stores…you get the idea.  We bought some little lemon bath soaps, they were bright yellow shaped like lemons, a lemon candle (to help keep the millions of mosquitos away) and lemon mosquito spray.  If there is one negative with Positano…it is the mosquitos…we are getting eaten alive with all these bugs.  There are 60 types of mosquitoes in Italy and we have met quite a few.  We also stopped at a lemonade stand for a lemon slushy…made with fresh lemons daily…they basically scrape the big chunk of lemon ice into a slushy consistency and fill a little dixie cup for 1.50 euros.

After a long day of walking and shopping…we made our way back to the hotel to shower and get ready for dinner.  We had a glass of wine and some cheese and tomatoes on our balcony before walking to the other restaurant owned by our hotel.  We had a table outside and ordered a couple of salads and homemade pastas.  We are really starting to be pasta snobs as far as eating the homemade noodles vs dried noodles…this could be a problem but we love the chewy texture of the homemade version.

Dinner was good and we walked back to our place to sit on the deck in our lounge chairs and unwind while drinking a glass of great wine and talking.  The view here is so nice…we could easily stay another couple of days but have to check out in the morning and head to Sorrento.

2 Replies to “Day 152 of 400: Positano – Italy”

  1. Bobby and I ate at Cafe Positano!!! One of the most romantic nights we had in Italy. Wait a minutes, every night was romantic because we were in Italy!!!

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