Day 154 of 400: Sorrento – Italy

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How cool is it to have a huge bin of fresh oranges just waiting to be freshly squeezed right into  your glass for breakfast?  And right next to the unlimited supply of oranges a coffee machine grinding the beans per cup of coffee?  Our first impression of breakfast was a great one.  We sat down with our OJ’s/coffee and munched on the warm pastries, fresh fruit and granola while sitting outside looking past the lemon trees to the water.  We could really get use to this hotel!

After breakfast we took the free hotel shuttle down to the town of Sorrento which was on the same road as our hotel at the bottom of the mountain.  We started our tour of the city looking at their old fortress wall and then made our way to the cobblestone streets.  There were lots of shops set up with all kinds of shopping and this time the prices were good in comparison to Positano.  We played around, trying on hats…looking at leather belts and more lemon stores.  Giff saw an Amore & Baci charm bracelet in the window (the Italian version of Pandora) and brought me over to see it. I have been wanting to form a charm bracelet with a charm from different countries to highlight our trip.  Giff found one that was all about Italy.  We went inside and had fun looking at all the charms and picking a bracelet and some charms to get it started.  These charms are so detailed and represent major highlights in Italy like the Vatican, a lemon, a gondola etc.  It will be fun to look in the other countries on our trip to complete the collection.

In between the shops were plenty of ice cream parlors and we found one that looked dangerous.  We picked a couple of flavors and sat down to cool off from the hot sun before continuing our walk.  We ended up walking around town for quite a while finding little back roads in the city.  One area lead us to the water where people were swimming.  We had to climb down several steps to the bottom of the cliff to get to the water, and once there…saw that it wasn’t a typical sandy beach.  It was more like a blocked off swimming area. It had all kinds of beach chairs and umbrellas set up all over the docks and water chairs attached to a rope in the water.  We looked around and then climbed back up the stairs enclosed by tunnels until we reached the city again.

We worked up an appetite walking all over the place and found a table at a pizzeria.  It appeared to be a pretty local place and we had fun listening to the Italians chat at their tables as we crunched on our pizza and salad.  We walked around just a bit more after our late lunch and then caught the shuttle back to our hotel.

We were tired and decided to enjoy our early evening at our hotel where we ordered food from the same restaurant, opened our wine and watched a movie in Italian.

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