Day 218-229 of 400: Las Vegas, NV and Los Angeles, CA

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Our flight arrived after a quick 45 minutes from LA to Las Vegas!  My brother’s flight arrived within minutes of us and since it was Zack’s birthday…we treated him and his friend to a limo ride down the strip and to our hotel.

We all had a blast on the short but sweet weekend.  It was fun for us to watch Zack and his friend Cheeto wide-eyed as they took in the “larger than life” strip of casinos, bars and restaurants…not to mention the people watching.

We walked through several different casinos to show the boys around while making sure to gamble in each.  Mirage, Caesar’s Palace, Bellagio, Paris, Cosmopolitan and Venetian to name a few.  We had dinner at Mon Ami Gabi ( , a restaurant with a patio facing the Bellagio water show, while eating steak and drinking wine.  Giff quickly found a partner to stay up until all hours of the night in the casino…I think all three boys got maybe 10-12 hours of sleep over the three-day weekend.

After too much gambling, many cocktails and having a blast at this adult playground they call Las Vegas…the weekend had come to an end.  Zack and Cheeto left on an early morning flight and Giff and I relaxed a few more days at the Wynn casino before boarding our quick flight back to L.A..


We checked into Amber’s place today…she is on her honeymoon, so offered her place for us to stay the week which works out perfectly for us.

We got settled in at Amber’s place and started creating our check list of things to do before flying out of the country.  Over this past week, we went to many doctor’s appointments both for my check ups but also for normal stuff like the dentist and cholesterol blood tests etc,.  Being that our next destination is to New Zealand and Australia, we focused on getting it completely booked online while we had Internet.  We dropped off things we didn’t need to our storage unit, as well as got all our clothes washed and re-packed.  We of course also saw friends for dinner and ran last minute errands.

Tomorrow our flight leaves for Auckland, New Zealand…home of the Rugby World Cup for 2011 and we have tickets!!

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