Day 230 of 400: Rotorua – New Zealand

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Our flight from Las Vegas to New Zealand was a rough one.  Red-eye flights in general are tiring, but sitting on a packed plane from America to Korea…then waiting 11 hours and getting on another long flight to new Zealand was pretty exhausting.  While we were in Korea for our 11 hour layover…we were online trying to get some things for our trip booked.  A random person sitting nearby overheard us talk about the city of Brisbane in Australia.  He said he had a credit for a nice hotel there and the credit was expiring by the end of the month.  He would not be able to use it and it would just go to waste…  The credit amount was for $800!!!!  He called the hotel and booked us a super nice room at a very nice hotel.  Can you believe that?  What a generous person…we accepted the offer and are staying for free at that hotel when we get to that part of Australia.

Once we finally arrived into Auckland, we rented a car and drove a couple of hours to our hotel, Novotel ( in Rotorua.  The drive in New Zealand was different in that they drove on the left side of the road like England, but the scenery didn’t look so different from other countries.  Our hotel was in a great location…right in the center of town.  As we were waiting to check in, the Ireland Rugby team and coach walked right by us in full uniform with game faces on.  The Rugby world-cup which is held every four years is being hosted by New Zealand, and the Ireland game started within the hour.  Our eyes were sleepy from staying up most of the night but we were fighting it because everyone around us was all decked out in their team colors and beers in hand.

Since there are games on all month, we decided to find food and watch the game in our room.  As we walked around the town, we saw there were several blocks of restaurants and boutiques everywhere.  We found a great Thai food restaurant to order take-out, grabbed our food and relaxed in our room while we watched Ireland beat Russia.  Finally giving in to sleep, we went to bed early.  We have another 2 days in this area before we drive to our next hotel.

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