Day 126 of 400: Le Pian sur Garonne – Bordeaux, France

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A long lazy day lead to tasting wine, eating pizza and tasting more wine. Jogging through the Bordeaux vineyards, blogging and sleeping in was the majority of our day but we did get out for a cellar wine tour with a vineyard close by.

Christine (B&B owner) actually scheduled the tour for us being they are friends with Philippe at Chataeu Rouaud. The winery has been in his family for generations. He showed us his grandfather’s old equipment and cellar area as well as what he uses today. He also explained his wine is organic, he doesn’t use chemicals in his wines and allows for natural fermentation to occur.

Philippe was great…he spent a couple hours answering questions and going through his wine processes with us before pouring us a taste of his white and red wines…both sweet and dry. He walked us through the proper way to taste wine;

1) Look at the color- do you like the color?

2) Twirl and smell the wine- what flower does it smell like? Do you like the smell?

3) Put the wine in your mouth and taste…what type of fruit do you taste?  Do you like the taste?

4) Most important of all, notice the finish on the wine…the wine should have a nice finish.

He of course was talking with us the entire time in all French but thankfully Christine stayed with us to translate.

We purchased a few bottles of wine and picked up some food in one of the small villages. Back at the apartment, we joined Christine and Willy on their porch for dinner and wine overlooking the vineyards.

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