Day 380 of 400: Kayaking and dinner at a traditional Parrilla in San Rafael – Mendoza, Argentina

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After sleeping in, we drove over to the Los Reyunos Lake/Dam which was about 30 minutes away tucked between the mountains.  We arrived and found the booth renting various water sports and decided to rent kayaks for a few hours.  There weren’t very many people around which made for a nice peaceful day on the water.

Thankfully we were prepared for the sun with hats and sunblock and had fun kayaking our way around the mountains stopping to take a dip in the water when it got too hot.  We got some really pretty pictures and enjoyed the serenity of the still water, blue skies and mountain range.

After a couple of hours, we could feel the sun beating down on us and our arms had gotten a pretty good work-out so decided to turn our kayaks in and head over to a winery right by our B&B.

We arrived to Casa Bianchi which was literally a road over from where we were staying.  It was a huge property and had steps leading up to a large white building.  We walked up the steps, stopped for a picture and then went inside to find a large tasting room filled with things to buy and scattered tables to drink wine.

We looked at the menu and went with a wine tasting served with finger foods.  There was one table outside on their patio so we grabbed it and the waiter brought over the wines we chose, as well as a couple of plates of finger foods consisting mainly of dried meats, cheese and olives.  After seeing the service and tasting the wines…we decided this was a very big massive produced winery which was great for super cheap prices but not necessarily for quality.  After munching and relaxing after our work-out on the lake, we bought a couple of the Chardonnay’s which for the price were pretty good.  We did notice as we made our purchase, all the wines displayed had a security cap on the bottle…the kind you sometimes find at groceries on hard liquor.   Are people really trying to sneak out of the tasting room with a bottle of wine under their shirt?

We went back to our place to relax for a bit, got showered and then for dinner, went to a typical parrilla in a small town/pueblo where a husband/wife team owned and served the guests.  We arrived at 9PM and were the first guests to be seated but within the hour, the tables were filling up. When we first walked in, we walked right by the oversized BBQ grill area where the owner was preparing various meats.  Inside, the restaurant was covered with all kinds of paintings which we found out were created by his wife.  Since they spoke only Spanish…we decided to have them choose our dinner (the menu had no English).  They started us with an appetizer of several meats marinated in different sauces…we had rabbit, chicken, fish and a mystery meat.  Then we had a typical salad which was followed by a sizzling hot rack of various cuts of pork.

We had fun looking at what other people were eating, trying different foods and  communicating with the owners.  It was about midnight when we finished dinner…eating these huge pieces of meat and then going straight to bed isn’t exactly a healthy habit!

We went straight to bed when we got back, tomorrow we are checking out of this B&B and leaving San Rafael.   Don’t worry…we are just driving back to the area of Mendoza we were in last week, we are not leaving wine country yet!

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