Day 381 of 400: Staying on a vineyard in Valle de Uco, Mendoza – Argentina

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After breakfast, we got our things packed into the car and checked out of our B&B in San Rafael. The drive back to the Valle de Uco area was just as flat and boring as it was coming out here, just like Vegas to L.A.

We finally arrived in the area where our next B&B was and were trying to figure out how to find it. We drove back and forth knowing we were in the vicinity but not finding our place until we turned on a small dirt road which led us to the road our B&B was on. We had to drive pretty slowly as the road was made of small rocks and we didn’t want to pop a tire. We saw the sign for our place, Finca La Puebla, Hotel de Campo and pulled in the driveway. The B&B was literally built inside a Malbec vineyard…how cool is that?! We didn’t really see a lobby area but someone came over and greeted us. She was with housekeeping and showed us our room and gave us a key.

The room was very spacious with high ceilings a little mini kitchenette and bathroom as well as a porch with table and chairs. We are staying here for 6 days so were happy to see we could have an area to store groceries. We got our things unpacked and were settling into our room when the owner knocked on our door. She spoke some English and showed us a map of the area, circling places we could eat and pointing out vineyards close by. Valle de Uco is the most prestigious wine region in Mendoza…it is the equivalent in quality wine to the St Emilion area in France or St Helena in California and we are very excited to taste wine here. We had hoped to find cheap good wine in San Rafael but didn’t really…in this area we will definitely find quality but what about price?

For the rest of the day we enjoyed the property…we took pictures of the vines with the backdrop of the Andes mountains, we opened wine and for dinner we cut up tomatoes, cheese meats and bread.

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