Day 378 of 400: Wine and Olive Oil Tasting in San Rafael – Argentina

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We got a bit of a late start today but then were very efficient with our various tasting rooms in San Rafael. We started at a little Bodega for lunch which had a pretty good price for the lunch paired with their wines. Unfortunately…as we kept tasting the wine, we couldn’t find anything we liked. The wine maker came into the room talking with another guest so we proceeded to ask if they had any wine aged in barrels…the answer was no. The food was pretty good though, we had a salad and then Giff ordered a steak (I am noticing a pattern here…does Giff know there is other food besides steak on the menus in Argentina?) and I ordered a creamy pasta. We had fun chatting with the other guests eating but opted not to purchase any of the wine…it was very simple…too simple.

After lunch, we stopped at a place called, Yancanelo which was an olive oil company. We walked in and saw a little museum with old machinery and information on how the freshly picked olives are turned into olive oil. We slowly walked around taking pictures and learning about the oil which we use in cooking everyday. Of course, we bought a couple of bottles of oil to take with us, yummy.

Right down the street from the olive oil place was a winery called, Suter. We walked in and saw the tasting room was in a kind of huge barn type place. We walked over to the person behind the counter and asked to taste their wine. They didn’t have so much open and we weren’t huge fans of what we were tasting, but then we saw a big rack full of wine at a pretty good price and was barrel aged. We bought a couple in hopes it would be a good find.

After Suter, we found another Bodega (Bodega is their term for wine shop/tasting) down the street, La Abeja. Again it had that old barn/farm sort of feel. In fact, it was the oldest winery in San Rafael…founded in 1883. They had old wine equipment outside, and inside the back of the old building was stacked with barrels of wine. A women went through their wines with us…talking about the differences in how they make it and of course pouring the simple whites first before getting to their bigger wines. We noticed how cheap the white wines were and bought a couple of bottles, one was a champagne and the other a white wine. Again, we didn’t love what we tasted but maybe one of the bottles we purchased with be a good find.

After that tasting, we made our way back to our B&B…cracked open a bottle of wine and enjoyed the sunset. It was a long day of hard work tasting our way through town but really…someone has to do it. So far, we haven’t really found San Rafael to have great wines…nothing close to the Mendoza area we were in a few days ago but we will keep searching!

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