Day 377 of 400: Valentines Day in San Rafael – Argentina

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Aaaaaahhhhhhhh…today we slept in, followed by a slow breakfast outside on the patio and then really never left the patio! It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed ourselves just hanging around the property. We both had a lot of “work” to do on the computer for the blog and getting pictures loaded onto the computer etc.

We opened a bottle of wine to cool us off while we typed away until evening time rolled around. Today is Valentines Day and the B&B owner suggested a restaurant in town. In fact, she was going there with her girlfriend for dinner, so we followed them but obviously didn’t sit together.

Even though it was about 8PM, we were the first to dinner but it quickly filled up. We found a seat outside on the patio since the weather was perfectly warm. We had delicious farm fresh salads to start and Giff followed that up with a steak of course, and I had pork. We asked for some suggestions on wine and they chose 100 euro bottle…ummmm, of course that will be tasty, how about something a little more economical?! The B&B host who was at her table came over to assist and translated for us. We ended up with a bottle which wasn’t so good but I guess we can’t expect to like every bottle:)

After dinner, we went back to our place and watched a movie…today was a LAZY day!!

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