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We took a taxi over to one of the cute areas of Singapore.  It basically had a bunch of restaurants and bars built around a harbor, it kind of reminded us of Darling Harbor in Sydney.  Once we were there it really was more of an evening place for bar hopping.  We walked along the water peeking in at various restaurants along the way.  We sat at a Mexican restaurant for a beer, chips and salsa for a bit as we looked at the map to see what other areas we should check out.

We only walked a few more steps when we saw a brewery playing football on their TV’s.  Giff has been deprived of football this year, so we sat and ordered lunch.  We have been eating all kinds of Asian cuisine but this place had a burger and since we are in Asia the next couple months…we thought it may be our last opportunity for a while, so ordered a big juicy cheeseburger, fries and beer to wash it down.

After lunch, we took a taxi to another part of downtown…it was the area where the casino was and similar to Las Vegas…it was surrounded by many name-brand stores such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton.  We took some pictures as the modern architecture was beautifully done, specifically the museum which had a very particular shape.  Across the street was one of the nicest and most expensive hotels in the world, Marina Bay Sands Hotel.  Since the casino wouldn’t let us in (we forgot to bring our passports) we walked across the street to look in the hotel.  We only saw the lobby which didn’t really stand out as anything spectacular but I’m sure if we would have looked around a bit more, we would have been impressed with more than just the outside of the building.  We could have also paid $20 each to go to the top where they have a huge bar and gorgeous views but decided it wasn’t worth the money.

Back at our place, we decided to try the infamous local cuisine called Laksa.  There were all kinds of signs stating our hotel restaurant was the best in town.  We sat at the restaurant and ordered a large one to split, as well as a salad.  It was actually very good and very spicy.  The oily broth base was made of coconut cream with a strong chili pepper undertone…enough to make us sweat as we gulped down each bite.  It had noodles in the bottom, a few prawns, a couple of quail eggs and a handful of herbs on top.  For dessert we tried a slice of the durian cake since it was supposedly the chef’s specialty.  For those of you who haven’t had durian before…how should I describe it?  The smell is so potent…there are signs in public places like subways and hotels saying no durian fruit allowed.  The texture is thick and custard-like.  The taste is well, you have to taste it yourself…it does have a sweetness but it is not the kind of sweet one  would crave.  In fact, it stays with you…as in burping up the same taste you forced down- it is no bueno.  It is however very healthy…but we will find other healthy things to eat instead.

We relaxed with a bottle of wine and movie for the evening.

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