Day 298 of 400: Chiang Mai – Thailand

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Today we are flying to Thailand!  We have been really excited for this portion of the trip and it is finally here.  The bummer is, we are going to have to cancel our trek through the tribal villages in the mountains.  Giff probably wants to kill me at this point for twisting my ankle but as the saying goes…it is what it is.

We arrived at our hotel, Thapae Boutique House (   in the evening which by the way was only $25 per night which was totally normal and included breakfast!  We got our things unpacked, freshened up and went back out to find dinner.  We grabbed a tuk tuk which is basically a motorcycle but with three-wheels and a seat attached to the back fueled by diesel gas…it is not the safest means of transportation but is super fun to really see, smell and listen to the city as the driver recklessly weaves in and out of larger cars.

We were told to try the restaurant called, Good View (  It was hard to get an idea of what exactly the city of Chang Mai looked like in the dark but the restaurant was packed with people and had that open air feel.  We grabbed a table close to where the live music would be and started to order food from the menu.  Of course we ordered too much food but it all looked good and was so so cheap.  We ordered a spicy fish soup, fried rice made with dry shredded pork, served in a half pineapple and of course we ordered the fried spring rolls…weren’t they invented here?  The best part of the meal though was the whole grilled fish topped with fresh herbs and plenty of lime.  We sat listening to live music in the open air and eating authentic Thai food with big grins on our faces…We are going to like this place.

After dinner, we took a picture of the front of the restaurant noting the no guns sign and grabbed another tuk tuk back to the hotel.  By the way, these tuk tuk rides are like $2.  Our whole steamed fish was $10, the beers are $1 just to give you an idea of the kind of prices we’re paying.

Tomorrow we are being picked up first thing in the morning for a 4 day cooking class.  We should be Thai chefs by the end of our course!

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