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Our first stop today was the Singapore sports medicine office which was located inside a mall.  Singapore is very well-known for its shopping malls…they are everywhere.  We quickly exchanged braces (Giff had purchased one for me yesterday but it was too big) and strapped mine on me.  It felt much more stable to have the support around my ankle but wasn’t so fun to get on and off.

We walked through the mall a bit, looking at the various stores but were hungry and looking for lunch. We found a place and only waited a few minutes before being seated.  They handed us 2 menus the way a sushi restaurant would…one was for dim sum and we had a pencil to fill in the quantity of what we wanted, and the other was a la carte menu.

We weren’t really sure of what we were ordering but picked a variety of things to try.  The a la carte menu had a multi-course set menu at a set price so we also ordered one of those.  We had fun eating each thing delivered to our table…we had steamed dumplings full of wild mushrooms, crispy shrimp, noodles, soup etc.  Most of it was very good and the tea we ordered came out with the herbs inside-no tea bag and it was sitting on a little candle to stay hot.  Giff decided to order the shark fin soup which is illegal in many countries but considered a (rare luxury) here.  It is controversial because many poachers kill these sharks only to use their fins and waste the rest.  The soup itself was kind of a strange consistency…a bit slimy and the fin didn’t have so much taste but more of a strange consistency.  We tried it this one time but won’t do it again due to the animal cruelty.  For dessert, we tried something we have only put on our body topically but never eaten.  It was aloe vera…they served it on ice with a lemon flavored liquid.  It was refreshing…it wasn’t something I would crave but was a nice light ending to the meal and is also very healthy.

After walking through the large mall a bit more, we saw it was pouring rain outside.  We waited in line for quite a while and then went back to our place.  I put my foot up and we lazied around the rest of the evening.

2 Replies to “Day 296 of 400: Singapore”

  1. Wow! Aloe Vera can be used for detoxing and/or gentle assistance with BM’s (if ya know what I mean…!!!). That’s so cool they served it as a desert….and at the end of a meal. Eastern medicine is soooo cool!

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