Day 250 of 400: Sydney – NSW, Australia

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We enjoyed our morning soy late on the patio, munching on biscuits.  Today is a gorgeous day and on Sundays, the rates for public transportation is super cheap in Sydney.  So we all took a ferry into the city instead of driving.  We sat on the top deck of the boat with the sun in our face, breeze through our hair and picture-perfect view of the whole city of Sydney.

Once off the ferry, we went straight over to the opera house, on Sundays they give free tours!  The line seemed long but moved pretty quickly.  Once inside, we slowly walked through some of the main rooms.  The architecture really is amazing with the angles and shape of the building.  The grand opera room was large with stadium seating and a huge organ at the center of the room.  Today they had young kids showing off their skills playing various songs so people visiting could get an idea of what it would be like to attend a symphony.  There were huge clear sound rings hanging above the stage to intensify the sound below to the audience.  We sat down and looked at the entire room before continuing on the tour.

The self-guided tour also allowed us to view the theater (which was not very impressive) and another opera room which had some of their costumes on display.  We then walked through the area where they do rehearsals as well as past a few of the stage rooms…we saw Oprah’s name on one.

Once we were back outside, we saw we were right on the boardwalk of the harbor.  The sidewalks were buzzing with people and we sat down at one of the busy cafe’s and ordered lunch.  We each had a big juicy cheeseburger and a cold beer while we people watched.  Veronica and Pat explained that on New Year’s Eve…this very spot is packed with people eating dinner under the stars while watching fireworks, and the harbor is literally a parking lot full of boats.  It is probably amazing…maybe someday, Giff and I will be back to celebrate New Year’s here.

We walked around a bit more and then realized the Rugby World Cup was on tonight.  Since we had the kids…we decided it was best to go back to their house and BBQ while watching the wallabies vs. the all blacks.  Giff wore his Australia rugby shirt given to him last week by the guy at the bar, but…the luck of the shirt didn’t win…New Zealand won finally!

Dinner was nice and relaxing…we opened some wine, cooked food and enjoyed spending quality time together.

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