Day 251 of 400: Sydney to Port Macquarie – NSW, Australia

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Today is Monday so Veronica and Pat were out of the house early and off to work.  Giff and I packed up our things, got in the car and drove downtown.  We do not have our Chinese visas yet and have plans to go to China very soon.  The Chinese Embassy was in Sydney so we found the building and with the help of the nice security guard, had all our paperwork printed and filled out.  Our number got called and the guy behind the counter said he couldn’t guarantee we would have the visas by the end of the day but he would try.  They of course charged us a pretty penny…$300 each!  They only charge Americans these high prices not other countries.

We left our passports and paperwork and went outside to buy some time while they hopefully processed everything for us.  We walked around window shopping, got a coffee and stopped for lunch at a sushi restaurant.  It was one of those sushi trains which we hadn’t done before.  We sat at the sushi counter and various pieces of sushi would slowly go buy on the conveyor belt.  When we saw something we liked, we grabbed it and ate it.  Everything was color coordinated with price so for example…if we ate sushi off an orange plate it was $3 but if we ate sushi off a blue plate it was $5 and so on.

After our late lunch, we went back up to the Chinese visa room and waited…they called us to the window after about 25 minutes and said we were approved.  We paid and were on our way to our next destination.  This week we are staying at a timeshare in Port Macquarie which is a little town on the eastern coast a couple of hours away.

We arrived at our place, unpacked, got in our comfies and watched some TV before bed.  The place was definitely spacious with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen and patio.  There was also a washer and dryer (bonus) as well as a grill.  This week will be nice and relaxing.

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