Day 147 of 400: Montefalco – Italy

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We couldn’t resist spending most of our day on the B&B property, it was surrounded by beautiful countryside…wheat, sunflowers and vines.  We slept in, had a slow breakfast, went for a run and caught up on some computer work before finally making out to the charming medieval village of Montefalco.  We parked outside the wall and took our time strolling the streets.  There was one big square and the theme of the little boutiques was of course wine.  Some of the best Italian wine we have ever tasted (Sagrantino di Montefalco) come from this tiny winemaking region.  Until our trip to Umbria…we had never heard of the Sagrantino grape before.  We love it.  It’s not your typical Italian wine that is light and fruity.  The Sagrantino di Montefalco is extremely rich…full bodied…with lots of tannins.  And for you white wine lovers…the Grechetto (another local grape) is a perfect bottle to open in the sun  on a hot day.

The village was filled with a number of different wine shops and meat/cheese/pasta stores.  After doing a bit of window shopping, we stopped in a little wine shop to taste some local wine.  The Sagrantino was delicious but not necessarily cheap.

We walked out of the main area to see what the residential area of town looked like, it was quieter on those streets with the colored shutters and beautiful bright flowers planted.  We made our way back to the square and sat at one of the many wine bars for a pre-dinner snack.  The Italians eat dinner fairly late so restaurants are typically empty until about 8:30-11:00pm.

We ordered a glass of wine and an assortment of crostini while sitting outside in the big piazza.  After our snack, we walked back by the pizzeria we had seen earlier.  It was decked out with musical instruments all over the walls and ceiling and had fun jazz playing on the radio.  We sat in a corner table and ordered our pizzas and wine.  The wine we ordered was local and came in an extremely different looking bottle.  The waiter pulled the short stubby glass bottle with painted white flowers all of over it out of a box.  Even the cork had the little flowers all over it.  The glasses they gave us were dramatically large which made drinking this wine very fun.  The wine (Calcabrina) was made of a blend, but mostly sagrantino…and was very good.  The pizzas weren’t great but the ambiance made the dinner.

We went back to our place full, and settled into a movie before bed.

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