Day 148 of 400: Assisi – Italy

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Assisi was a larger hilltop town in Umbria but still a village feel vs. a city.  The dramatic castle ruins at the very top of the hill dominate the rest of the town below.  We walked around the outside of the castle, admiring the views before walking down to the rest of the village.  We spent the day getting lost through the cobblestone streets.  It had its large squares with its churches and statues.  The views from the town to the rest of the countryside were gorgeous.

We certainly got a workout today walking up and down the steep cobblestone.  We stopped in many of the shops and couldn’t resist the gelato since it was so hot.  We had fun exploring even though there were way too many tourists and too many tourist shops in the town.

After several hours, we made our way back to the car and did so just in time…it started pouring rain minutes after we were inside the car.  We drove to a grocery store to pick up some munchies in case it rained all night…but as we drove out of Assisi and into Montefalco we realized the rain was only in Assisi.

Since we had groceries, we cooked in our little kitchen.  We made a simple pasta with cherry tomatoes, roasted eggplant,  garlic and local olive oil.  We also toasted up some of the left over pizza we had from the night before and opened one of the many wine bottles we have collected throughout our trip.  Tonight we opened a bottle of French Bordeaux from Medoc.  We ate dinner and watched a movie before calling it a night.

One Reply to “Day 148 of 400: Assisi – Italy”

  1. Giff, I know shaving is a drag, but you are too attractive to ruin your looks with a beard !!!
    You certainly are getting enough exercise !! No wonder you can eat and drink with reckless abandon. Enjoy !!! You both look great !!!

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