Day 146 of 400: Montefalco – Italy

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Oh my gosh…the kitty ball on our doorstep when we arrived at our b&b in Umbria was so completely adorable.  I mean, they were just too cute.  Five teeny baby kittens, maybe 2 weeks old were in a ball sleeping right at our door.  Carla the B&B owner, welcomed us to the region of Umbria and showed us our room.  We were in our own little stone cottage on her property with a bedroom, little kitchen and bathroom.  Giff and I relaxed in our room for a few hours watching the cats and reading about the area.  Dinner was being cooked by Carla tonight…she invited us to join her.

Dinner was held at a long table outside.   There were five other guests at the table, a local wine maker and Carla.  Dinner was simple and fresh…barley salad with tomatoes, grilled eggplant, sautéed zucchini and bread with the local cheese, pecorino.  We started with a Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) and then Giff and I brought out a 2005 French Bordeaux magnum bottle to share from our France wine tasting.  The wine maker loved it and asked to bring the empty bottle home with him!  He also brought out some of his wine, he had a local grape we hadn’t had before called Sagrantino- we really liked it. There were quite a few people at dinner and plenty wine to go around.  We stayed up way too late drinking way too much wine and ended up having our own little drunken photo shoot in our room as we played with the camera…

Tomorrow we will see Montefalco which is the town we are staying in for the week.

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