Day 120 of 400: Tel Aviv – Israel

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A leisurely morning turned into a leisurely afternoon. Once we got out of our hotel room we walked around a bit in another neighborhood of Tel Aviv that we hadn’t gotten to yesterday. It was a holiday today so many things were closing but we enjoyed strolling down the sidewalk stopping for ice-cream.

Tomorrow we leave Israel and we enjoyed our last dinner in Tel Aviv at a place called, Benedict Blvd. It had a cute patio area right on the street and a huge menu of only breakfast…all kinds of eggs and pancakes and breads from their bakery with jams and fresh squeezed juices. Giff ordered the traditional Israeli breakfast which came with those little bowls of different spreads and fresh rolls as well as a chopped salad, orange/carrot juice and coffee. I ordered the traditional Israeli Shakshuka served is a sizzling hot sauté pan with tomatoes, eggs, eggplant and feta cheese which also came with chopped salad, fresh rolls and an orange/carrot juice.

We were so full after our breakfast dinner…we could have been rolled home. Thankfully we still had a fairly long walk to get back to our hotel which allowed some of those calories to burn off.

The last 10 minutes of our walk was on the ocean and the sun had just gone down so the sky had a beautiful pink tint to it…we were enjoying the breeze and taking pictures when Giff realized his money and credit card were missing. We searched his pockets, the ground and our beach bag with no success. We called the restaurant and they could not find it anywhere and warned that we should call to cancel the card right away. We got back to the hotel after debating on retracing our steps in the dark. The hotel also called the restaurant for us but again the restaurant said they still hadn’t found it. We ended up calling the credit card company to cancel and re-issue it. Not an ideal way to close out our trip to Israel but at least we got it canceled before any damage was done.

Tonight we are packing up our stuff including all the clothes we have hanging around the room. We had done laundry in the bathtub earlier and were hoping everything would be dry by tonight. Tomorrow we have a super early flight and have to leave for the airport at 5:30AM.

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