Day 119 of 400: Tel Aviv and Yemenite Quarter- Israel

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Today is Giff’s birthday!! We walked all over the city of Tel Aviv…in and out of the different neighborhoods. There were great boutiques and cafe’s everywhere although everything is a little on the pricey side of things. Giff got a haircut…minimal English but he got out of there with a decent cut.

We were told there was a big market similar to the Jerusalem one so we went to check it out. Right on the edge of the market were some super cheap clothing vendors but after trying some stuff on…neither of us made a purchase.

We did however run into a small hole in the wall falafel place that had a sign saying best falafel since 1955…so we ordered one to share. It was definitely good. It had a little spice to it as well as a hummus spread, pickles and lettuce.

We found the entrance to the market which was one long street jam packed with vendors selling all kinds of food both fresh and cooked as well as clothes and gadgets. We bought another sandwich filled with lamb and chicken (yes…Giff ate most of that one). We didn’t really buy anything else…just took took in the moment of all the hustle and bustle around us.

Needing a break from our five-hour walk, we came back to the hotel for a bit before going to dinner at a cute little hummus place. We were told it has some of the best hummus in the city so we grabbed a table outside and ordered a big bowl of hummus, a salad and a black beer. The black beer did not have alcohol in it…it tasted something like coke and coffee mixed.

It had been a long busy day so we opted to open a bottle of wine and watch a movie in our room after dinner.

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