Day 121 of 400: Tel Aviv to London to Paris – Travel Day

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Our 8:00AM flight out of Israel to London was pretty smooth. The food on the plane however was not so smooth…very icky so we didn’t eat much. Once we arrived into London, we had to figure out how the heck we were going to get to Paris which is where we reserved a hotel for tonight.

After asking around, we opted for the subway from the London airport to the major train hub, King’s Crossing. From there we bought train tickets to Paris on the Eurostar…but had about an hour and a half before it left.

Since we were starving…we sat at a cafe and ordered some food which was ok for station food and then we jumped on our train. We had assigned seats which made it a little less stressful although there is always a bit of anxiety getting on the train with luggage because Giff has to lift it and find a spot before they are taken by all the other pieces of luggage.

2 hours and 15 minutes later we arrived in a Paris train station…now we had to figure out how to get from this station to the Paris airport train station since our hotel was very close to the airport. We found the route and bought subway tickets. The subway took about 45 minutes and dropped us off in the Paris airport terminal. We had read that the Marriott had a free shuttle to/from the terminal. We found the map showing where the shuttles arrived and got on the shuttle.  20 minutes later we were FINALLY at our hotel.

We checked in, ate dinner at the hotel restaurant and went to bed after a very long travel day. Tomorrow we will be renting a car and driving out to the Bordeaux region!

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