Day 118 of 400: Tel Aviv – Israel

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We spent most of the day enjoying the Tel Aviv beach. Our hotel had a door that let out right onto the sand and after breakfast Giff and I took a long walk along the coast, and then a swim in the warm mediterranean.

After spending some time reading in the sun, I went inside to catch up on blogging while Giff went to the gym. Once we were showered and hungry for dinner…we went upstairs to the executive lounge to watch the tennis match and ate the appetizer type food they had available. We ended up filling up on the food there and calling it a night since it was getting late.

One Reply to “Day 118 of 400: Tel Aviv – Israel”

  1. I am so happy to see that you two are enjoying yourselves. Israel sounds amazing and after reading your blog posts have added it to my list. Miss you guys!

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