Day 22 of 400: Las Palmas – Canary Islands

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We had heard the botanical gardens on this island was a highlight and decided to check it out.  We spent a couple of hours at the gardens, taking pictures and climbing the steps that lead to an outlook of the whole place.  The cactus garden was actually our favorite part…we saw plants we had never seen before…a tree trunk that looked liked cactus material was oozing out of its bark, cactus bushes etc.

As we walked out of the gardens, we realized we were in the middle of nowhere.  We were out of the main city and on a random road…there were no taxis lined up and minimal people around.  We saw a bus stop sign and it looked like the pick up was soon.  The bus arrived and as we got onto it wondering where we were going, the driver seemed to nod his head when we stated Las Palmas.  This bus driver was crazy!  He drove super fast around the curves of the mountain coming inches from hitting the cars on the other side of the road.  At one point he had to slam on the breaks and back up because we were about to collide with a small truck.  It took us about 45 minutes to get back to the main city but was fun to see several small local island towns along the way.
When we got back, we walked around to different parts of the city and found ourselves at a tea shop where we ate cake and drank french pressed hot tea.
Back on the boat we went straight to dinner (we seem to be eating a lot on this cruise…) and then went to one of the theater productions on the boat.  We were a few minutes late and the usher told us to sit in the second row.  The show was so awful, we had to get up in the middle of the performance…it was just too much torture to watch!
Tomorrow is Madeira Island, Portugal!

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