Day 254-255 of 400: Port Macquarie – NSW, Australia

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On our way to the local wild life park, we followed some random signs to the middle of no-where deep in the country roads to a winery that once we arrived was closed for business.  Since we went so far for no reason, we followed another group of signs and this time found a small family winery.

On our way down the long driveway, we stopped to see multiple kangaroos eating in the fields.  We of course took pictures as if we don’t already have enough kangaroo pictures from this trip!  Unfortunately, after our kangaroo pictures we proceeded to taste the wine and were not impressed.  Each wine he gave us had a sort of sour tang on the finish…maybe a mixture of new vines and a not so good winemaker.

We left and finally found the wildlife park…we were the only people there.  They gave us a map of the small park and circled the animals that were being fed in the next few hours.

We made our way straight to the back of the park which had a big sign labeled, Wallaby Country.  A Wallaby is very similar to a kangaroo, but an easy way to tell the difference is the size…wallabies are much smaller than kangaroos and they usually have a reddish tint to their fur.  We walked through the gate noticing there were no staff members to be seen but multiple Wallabies walking around…some behind a fence and some right out in the same field we were walking through.  We had purchased food to feed them so walked up to the fenced in kangaroos first and put the Dixie cup full of feed right up to their face.  They didn’t hesitate to nose dive straight into the cup.  We walked up to some that we’re walking right by us and they too went straight into the cup.  We were a little nervous being this close to them…we had heard on the news of stories where the kangaroo had “mulled” someone with their sharp fingernails.  At one point, something scared them…maybe a car on the highway or other sound but they all started charging in one direction and Giff and I just froze hoping not to be trampled.  But these animals weren’t aggressive, obviously use to seeing humans in the same fenced in area.  We had fun taking pictures and video as they gathered around us to eat the food we brought them…still no staff members or other people, only Giff, myself and the Wallabies.

Once our food was gone, we walked straight to the koala bear breeding center where they were feeding the bears.  Since we were the only people there. They got one of the koalas and brought him straight over to us so we could pet him and get a picture.  There were about 10 koalas in the one area and all were bred in captivity.

After the koalas came the reptiles.  There was a building marked ” Reptile House”.  As we walked up to the building we saw an escapee standing guard…it was a large reptile looking at us as if we were the ones out-of-place.  We passed him and went into the dark building full of glass enclosed cases of snakes and lizards.  Australia has some of the most deadly snakes in the world…one of them being the Taipan.  In one bite, it has enough poison in its venom to kill 50-100 humans.  They had one in the reptile house as well as the tiger snake which is also very dangerous.

We saw other animals…a couple of monkeys, a ostriche, a peacock and other random birds, as well as some dingoes (wild dogs) and 2 sleeping little brown bear looking things they call wombats.

After playing with the animals all day, we went back to our place to relax and make dinner.


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  1. “A dingo ate your baby!” What movie is this line from? I think I prefer the Wallaby over the Kangaroo, probably because they are mini Kangaroos.

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