Day 117 of 400: Tel Aviv – Israel

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What did we really do today?? We had been on the go the past week trying to see so much of Israel that today we slept in, ate a late and long breakfast and then laid around the hotel room getting caught up online and looking out over our balcony straight onto the beach and marina.

After spending the day inside, Ayal came over and took us to a place where the specialty is grilled fish.  We sat out on the patio and the restaurant brought out about 12 small bowls of various dips and mini salads to enjoy with our pita bread before taking our order (similar to chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant). The menu had a long list of fish…we ordered the type of fish and whether we wanted to it grilled or fried. The fish came out grilled, butterflied and very lightly seasoned with a wedge of lemon.

After dinner, we walked a couple blocks to a bar where the Tel Aviv soccer team was playing and watched the game with a pint…after the game we went back to our hotel and into our bed.

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