Day 110 of 400: Tel Aviv – Israel

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It was extremely hot today but we were within walking distance of the beach in Tel Aviv. We found a table on the water and ordered breakfast.  It was our first shakshuka (meaning all mixed up) which is a traditional Israeli breakfast option.  It is served in a piping hot pan with cooked fresh tomatoes, garlic, onion, spices and eggs (over easy or scrambled) all served with pita bread and garnished with parsley.  This would actually be a great dish to serve when hosting people for brunch…you can place the pans in the oven and serve everyone hot eggs all at once.

After breakfast we settled in on the sand and relaxed in the sun enjoying the beach until we were feeling a little toasty and ready to move in-doors.  Back at the apartment we showered and got ready for a BBQ.  Ayal’s friend had a serious 10 ft tall projector screen sitting outside under the stars playing the Barcelona vs Manchester United soccer game. Of course watching a big game without betting on it would be a crazy idea so Giff placed his bets on Barcelona and the over…both of which won.

The game ended and although it was late, the Playstation came out and the men turned into boys teaming up and playing their own version of soccer on the big screen.

Finally we cleaned up and went straight to bed back at our place.

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