Day 109 of 400: Jerusalem – Israel

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A cappuccino and fresh squeezed OJ at the cute little local coffee shop started our morning again.  Next we were off to the Jerusalem marketplace.  Today (Friday) is considered a weekend.  Israel starts the work week on Sunday and has Friday and Saturday off…so the market was buzzing with people of all sorts.

We inched our way through the crowd, checking out all the vendors and stalls of food. We didn’t make any big purchases because we will be back to the market before leaving for the desert.  This visit was just to see the market.

We ducked out of the crowd and into a hole in the wall Turkish coffee bar.  The paper flowers were scotch taped to the wall as decoration.  The plastic chairs were dirty and the tablecloths stained but this is where all the older men were playing backgammon. They were drinking small, dark, syrup-like coffees and playing their serious games against each other.  Giff and Ayal started their own game as we sipped the coffee and noticed there were no other women in the bar.

After our afternoon caffeine buzz, we drove over to Tel Aviv.  We had a super nice multi-course dinner to go to in the old town of Jaffa.

Cordelia, a modern French restaurant with old chandeliers and tall candlestick pieces on the table had almost a gothic yet romantic feel about it. This dinner would be a treat for us…this was definitely a splurge. Chef Nir Zuk (a well-known celebrity chef in Israel) created an impressive tasting menu of seven courses.  We had a amuse-bouche to start, an eggplant soup, a red beet filled with goat cheese, gnocchi with shrimp in a white sauce, cheese ravioli with truffle, fillet of veal and two dessert courses (a fancy type of ice cream sandwich and a variety of five many bites of all sorts from peanut butter to chocolate).

After a very filling and quite expensive meal, we walked to a small Arabic bar.  It was packed, dark and smoky with a live DJ mixing and blasting pop beats with Arabic music. This was an “underground” bar where Arabs and Jews intermingled.  We ordered a beer and took in the scene.

It was late when we left and got back to Ayal’s aunt’s house where we were staying for a couple of nights.  We all went straight to bed.

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