Day 111 of 400: Jerusalem – Israel

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We slept in and then went across the street from the apartment to grab our breakfast.  I had also seen a super cute bathing suit at one of the little shops.  We had a quick breakfast and then went back to the apartment to get packed (the bathing suit was $300-gasp!).  Back at our place, Giff and I finished one more load of laundry which we were so thankful to be able to get some laundry done…washing it all by hand in the bathtubs of hotel rooms isn’t exactly ideal.

We really got a late start today but arrived back in Jerusalem at the Israel museum with a couple of hours before they closed.  We had fun going through the old history of Israel from the crusaders and archaeology to the modern art exhibits but there was no way two hours was enough time to cover this place.  Once it closed we visited the outside gardens where they had all kinds of statue art pieces and a view of the area.

We were all super hungry so sat at one of the five tables of this tiny restaurant on the patio.  We ordered all kinds of typical Israeli cuisine…hummus, chopped salad (cucumbers, onion, tomatoes), falafel, and a spicy soup with little dumplings full of meat.  We dipped our pita in the various foods and ate family style as the sun went down.

We went back to Nir’s house to have some downtime and catch up doing things on the internet etc.  Tomorrow we are going to the Dead Sea!!

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