Day 54 of 400: Drive from Munich to Nendaz, Switzerland

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Note to self, do not ever book a 12 hour flight leaving at 6am followed by a 12 hour drive from Munich to Switzerland without stopping!

After an unexpected flight back to CA due to surgery complications (see last blog!) we are back in Europe.  Thinking the drive would be more like 7 hours and assuming we would get some sleep on the flight, we thought our travel plan was a good one but we learned our lesson! When booking a flight to Europe from CA…try to make it an evening flight.  Then you can arrive, have dinner, go to sleep and be on track with the current time.

All of that said, Switzerland is absolutely breathtaking. This country is so beautiful! Our timeshare is on top of a mountain in the middle of the Alps. The language in this region is French.  As we took the twelve-hour drive from Munich, we passed by small towns in Germany, France and Switzerland.  The highway in Germany (known as the autobahn) did not have a speed limit!  Slower traffic stays to the right.  As we crossed the border into France and Switzerland, the roads became windy and narrow as we went over the mountains and through the valleys.  Once we got about 2 1/2 hours from the timeshare we ran into a couple very large lakes.  One was Lake Neuchâtel and the other Lake Geneva.  Lake Geneva is surrounded by mountains and vineyards.  This area reminded us of Tahoe.  It has huge pine trees everywhere and snowy mountains as a backdrop to the lake…it really does look like a postcard.

Giff was the one driving the whole time and both our eyelids were heavy as we continued driving into the Alps.  It became dark and a little scary driving up the mountainside with only some side rails.  We finally found our place amongst the log cabins and our key in an envelope pinned to a bulletin board outside our closed hotel reception.

The place is small but cute. It is very clean although it is our first time sleeping on beds that pull out of the wall!  There is also a balcony with table and chairs which looks at the mountains.

We quickly got in bed and fell fast asleep.

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