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We found a coffee shop and sat down to look at the map of Malaga.  We stayed in the main area, walking around looking at the little shops.  We found a Lush store (my favorite for all natural products) and bought some lotions and a face mask.  We continued on until we found a little cafe in one of the main squares.  We sat outside and munched on a spinach pastry and tea.  We kept walking around to explore the streets.  We wanted to take it easy because of the incision.

Later we talked to our doctor and all decided the safest thing to do was to return to CA to have him “fix” me.  We booked our flights and would leave the first thing in the morning.  We would see him on Monday and then potentially have another surgery on Tuesday morning.

Assuming everything goes well with the surgery and I heal correctly, we will be leaving CA on March 25th for Germany.  We were partly relieved after talking to our doctor because this was going to be taken care of by our doctor in our own country.  At the same time we were bummed that we had to spend the money on two international tickets as well as lose our pre-paid timeshare’s for the next three weeks.  Maybe we can get reimbursed due to it being a medical emergency…

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  1. Hello you two! Just thought I’d check in an see how things are doing with you. Hoping very much that all is absolutely fine with you both. Sending you lots of positive thoughts, big hugs, Debs (Monze, France) 🙂

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