400 days to travel the world…only stopping to eat, drink, and everything in-between.

Day 55 of 400: Haute Nendaz, Switzerland

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We slept the day away!!  We woke up at 11AM, then rolled over and slept until 4PM!  This was not ideal in trying to get on local time.

We decided to go scope out this cute little ski village. We found a pizzeria across the street and sat down for pizza and salad. We quickly learned that prices are not cheap here. 1 small pizza, 1 salad, two glasses of wine, a beer, a bottle of water and a coffee came to 66 francs which is just about equivalent to the dollar.

After dinner we walked around and looked at the closed shops.  There were a couple bakeries, cheese shop, meat shop, restaurants, banks, grocery stores and real estate office.

We got back to the room and did some research on what to do during the week and discussed our plan.

It is time for bed and we are hoping to get on the current time schedule tonight.

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