Day 373 of 400: Maipu, Mendoza – Argentina

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After getting all our things packed, we jumped in a cab and had been driving for about 15 minutes when we realized Giff left his soapstone necklace from South Africa in the hotel room. Seeing the time was ticking and we had to rush to catch our flight, we rolled the dice and went back to the hotel…sure enough it was sitting in the room. We got back on the road and the taxi drove us to the airport where we had enough time to get checked in and wait for our flight.

The flight wasn’t too long, but it flew us into one airport and our flight to Mendoza was out of another airport. So, we took the hour taxi ride between the two and got checked in again.

Finally we arrived in Mendoza, found a map with directions to our B&B and got in the rental car. We drove through the countryside of Argentina looking at vineyards, small towns and tree-lined streets. After getting just a little lost (signs are really not so good here) we found the tiny gravel road which led us to the driveway of where we were staying.

The owner came out to welcome us. We got our things put into one of the three rooms and chatted with the owner’s wife for a bit as she highlighted “must taste” vineyards and went over places to eat. Since it was about dinner time, she suggested a place called Club Tapiz ( The restaurant was part of the Club Tapiz vineyard…we pulled up to the security gate and gave our name.

There were several buildings all kind of connected and outlining a courtyard. We walked inside the gate and to our left was restaurant Terruno. It had very high ceilings, a tiny bar and about 10 white linen covered tables. We sat down and of course ordered a bottle of their wine…the Club Tapiz Malbec Reserve-it was amazingly good!

The food on the menu had a very local feel…farm fresh foods, very wine country-style. They brought out an amuse bouche served in a spoon, it was fresh ceviche served with a thin single chive on top. The bread basket…can we talk about the bread?? There was home-made thick slices and paper-thin crisps, served with their house-made olive oil straight from the trees…self-discipline was a must! The salads were beautiful and organically fresh, topped with things like eatable flowers and the most delicious crispy bacon…so good. The entree’s came out, I ordered the pork which was a little on the salty side and Giff ordered the ribeye (shocker) which was good. We decided the entree’s were a little pricey for what the food was but we would eat here just for the salads and bread any-day.

After dinner and wine, we drove the 5 minutes down the road to our place…watched a movie on our computer in our room and went to bed.

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