Day 372 of 400: Relaxing day in Iguazu, Argentina

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Well there isn’t a whole lot to write about for today…we had a totally LAZY day!! After sleeping in and lounging around all morning, we took the bus to the center of town to find lunch.

We found a place and because it was so hot…sat inside instead of on the patio. We ordered a classic Argentinian appetizer which consisted of various fried foods and then we had steak and a bottle of wine (not exactly our healthiest meal).

Lunch was good, and then we walked around town afterwards hopefully burning a couple of calories before sinking right back into our lazy day at the hotel. We worked on the computer and just relaxed after the past two days of hiking in extreme heat.

Tomorrow we fly into Mendoza and are staying at a little B&B on a vineyard in the countryside!

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