Day 371 of 400: Iguazu Falls (day 2 of 2) – Argentina

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Our day started at the Sendero Macuco trail in the Iguazu Falls park. It was away from the crowds and was a dirt path through the rain forest…leading to of course a waterfall. The trail was pretty quiet and was much more like what we thought all of Iguazu would be. We saw a few random things like coatis (relative of the raccoon), birds, butterfly, lizard and huge spiders with their webs literally connecting the trees on both sides of the trail.

We were prepared today with plenty of water but again the heat was sweltering. The trail was about 2.2 miles one way and when we arrived…we heard the splashing of water and the gentle mumble of people at the waterfall. Giff quickly took off his flip-flops and jumped into the water climbing over the rocks and onto another pile of rocks where the water was free-falling off the cliff. There was a big handful of other people also soaking in the water but moved over a bit so he could have his turn directly under the water stream while I took pictures and watched our stuff.

We stayed for a bit and then continued our hike through the lush forest up the wooden stairs and over the little wooden bridge to the top of the waterfall we were just sitting by and took a picture. This park does a good job of really getting the walkways close to the waterfalls and at all angles. After pictures, we turned around and took the path back the 2.2 miles we had just hiked. Once we arrived to the main area, we found a little store and sat at a table guzzling water and eating some almonds to re-energize ourselves…there was one more major sight to see.

A few steps away from our little rest area was a train…the train took people from this side of the park all the way up to the opposite and much higher side of Iguazu Falls to a trail called, Gargantua del Diablo or Devil’s Throat.

We took the next 10 minute train ride through the forest and were let off at the top where we began our walk to one of the most breathtaking backdrops in the world. We walked on the catwalk over the water at the very top of the waterfalls where it just simply looked like a huge lake. We saw big fish swimming below and although the sun was beating down on us and there were people everywhere, the anticipation was building as to what exactly is this Devil’s Throat?

The walk wasn’t too long, maybe 20 minutes or so and then we started hearing the roar of the water before we could see it. Finally we stepped onto the viewpoint deck and saw several falls dropping 350 feet below. We could feel the spray and there was about a 100 ft cloud of mist surrounding the falls…the water was so powerful. Add the rainbow which was shooting across a few of the falls to that and it made for a truly amazing experience. This is why they call it one of the wonders of the world…words can’t really do it justice, you have to go see it and feel it for yourself. Iguazu is higher than Niagara Falls and double the width, it was created by a volcanic eruption that left a crack in the earth and it is one beautiful crack!

We spent lots of time just watching the water fall almost in slow motion to the river below. Giff spread the remainder of his dad’s ashes that we had brought with us on our 400 day trip around the world. Those ashes have been spread in some of the most amazing parts of the world that Giff and I have been lucky enough to experience and see for ourselves. What an amazing experience…

After taking tons of pictures and embracing the magical scenery, we walked back to the mini train station and took it back, and then walked to the main entrance…we were officially finished exploring Iguazu Falls. It was a little more touristy than we would have liked…we had imagined more of a rustic feel but so many people were coming from around the world to see the waterfalls, you can’t really blame them for making it a bit more structured. We did decide only 2 days are needed to visit the park comfortably, the four days we planned were definitely too many.

Since we had been out all day, we took the bus back to our hotel and ordered some gross food but were able to just relax in our room for the evening. How many world wonders have we seen now…?

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