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We continued exploring Dublin today…getting a good feel for the main shopping and food market area.  It was priority to pick up an Irish souvenir to show off on St Patrick’s day back at home.  Giff found a hoodie and t-shirt and I found a very hard-core Irish jacket.

After shopping, we stopped for lunch at what use to be a church and not just any church…the one where Arthur Guinness was married!  It still had the old organ on the wall upstairs and the colored glass windows with the dark mahogany wood.  We sat at the bar and ordered a beef stew and salad with grilled goat cheese accompanied by a pint of Guinness.  The food and atmosphere were great and it turns into a club at night:

Once our bellies were full we hurried onto a part of the city we hadn’t been to yet, specifically looking for and taking pictures of various statues…one of the most well-known being, Molly Malone.  The statue is of a women in an old-fashioned dress pushing a wheel barrel.  The name Molly Malone is in a very popular song in Dublin.

After our many pictures, we waved good-bye to Ireland and got on our plane heading to England…where we will be for 24 hours, then we’ll fly from London to Atlanta…another 24 hour layover and will finally arrive in Peru!

5 Replies to “Day 190 of 400: Dublin – Ireland”

  1. Hey Brandey and Giff! I’m very jealous about all the AMAZING places you’ve been!! I want to get to Ireland and Scotland and play some of the links golf on courses that have been there for hundreds of years!
    What incredible memories you’re making!

    1. Hi Scott! We are having a fantastic time…so many places to see in the world!! We are now in New Zealand…trying to get the blog updated!! Hope all is well with you and Maggie.

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