Day 191-192 of 400: Travel from London to Atlanta to Lima – Peru

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We arrived in London fairly late in the evening from Ireland…we were staying right by the airport at a Marriott to catch a mid morning flight tomorrow.  We were a bit worried about all the riots but things were a bit calmer and we weren’t going into the city center.  It did make for interesting conversation with cab driver to get his perspective on the situation.

Once in our hotel, we ordered some dinner, caught up on the blog and got to bed so we would be rested for our looooong flight to Atlanta, Georgia.

After a very long flight back into the states…we arrived in the evening…tired and hungry.  We checked into the Marriott, ordered food and watched TV before falling asleep for the night.

The morning of our Peru flight, we grabbed breakfast and then went through all of our luggage…we needed to send a whole suitcase home.  We got everything we were willing to part with packed in our big piece of luggage and shipped it to Giff’s mom’s house via FedEx.  Going to Peru, we needed to bring the least amount of luggage possible.

Once our luggage was shipped…we needed to find a backpack to put the rest of our stuff in, so we jumped in a cab and had him bring us to REI (our favorite outdoors type store).  We ran in, picked out a couple backpacks…had them size us and jumped back into our cab.

Back at the hotel, we re-packed all our things in our new and much smaller bags and headed back to the airport.  We boarded our flight to Peru!!

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