Day 161 of 400: Bologna – Italy

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Porticos are what make Bologna stand out in comparison to a lot of other european cities we have visited.  Porticos are long tunnel like walkways…held up by columns.  So as we walked down the sidewalks of the city, we were sheltered by the stone or brick roof above us.

The city was big and seemed to have a feel of modern hustle and bustle but at the same time had the historic buildings, the massive piazza’s, the numerous cathedrals and museums…that we have come to expect from Italy.  We sat down at a cafe and ate a huge salad with fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese (since it is made locally) between our shopping and sight-seeing.

Since we were so good at lunch and only ordered salads, we headed straight to a gelato shop called, La Sorbetteria Castiglione (  It was oh so yummy to my tummy.  We had three scoops each…who does that? So much for a healthy lunch!  It was the smoothest, richest cream with creative flavors and we could see the gelato making facilities right behind the counter.  I do have to say…once we finished and were digesting…we both felt the sugar overload.  They could use less sugar and it would still be delicious without the tummy ache…or was it that we had three scoops in one sitting?

We had a few foodie shops we wanted to find and found them within close proximity of each other.  The first was a salumeria, Simone.  It had every square inch of the shop covered with some type of meat or cheese.  We ordered several small quantities of local goodies.  Next was a well-known coffee shop called Terzi which was a small coffee parlor with 8-10 grinders lined up against the wall and filled with different coffee beans.  On the counter were 7 different types of sweeteners.  We both stood at the counter since there were no chairs and ordered an espresso.  The coffee was strong and good and got us moving to our next foodie find, Bruno e Franco…a kind of deli.  The men behind the displays full of meats, cheeses, homemade pastas and other local foods were in their old-fashioned uniforms featuring red bow-ties.  We purchased more goodies including their green olives.  I do not like olives…and despite being forced to try a different type of olive every week or so (because Giff loves them so much)…I would prefer to never eat them.  However…if I had to eat olives…I would choose these.  They were not a typical green…they were neon green and crunchy…not slimy.

Continuing our stroll, we came across a vendor who handmade earrings and rings from both copper and sterling.  We stopped to look and admire his work before getting back to our hotel after our long day.

We got in our PJ’s, put together a little picnic of all our goodies on the bed and watched a movie.

3 Replies to “Day 161 of 400: Bologna – Italy”

  1. Hey guys!! You both are such an inspiration. I hope your travels are goin awesome & I’ll be following along, thanks to this amazing Site!! Sending lots of love…xoxo Alexis Whistler

    1. Hey Alexis!!
      How is Seattle??? We are still looking at that as an option when we are done with our traveling next year…are you loving it? How is all the rain? Glad you are following our blog!!

  2. On our trip next year,we thought about stopping in Bologna on our way to lake Como.After seeing and reading your experiences ,it may sway us to definitively go there.Do you remember the name of the piazza where all the statues are….it looks like a battle scene ??
    There is always another town calling me to visit. But as always time is limited. I am jealous of your trip that you have planned. You are very fortunate and smart to go now at your age. You will definitively not have any regrets. I am only 57 and we have been to Italy 4 times, the 5th trip next year for our Anniv.
    We are going to travel while we can and enjoy every minute of it.We love Italy.

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