Day 160 of 400: Bologna – Italy

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Now our trip is moving into what is supposed to be the food capital of Italy.  Our next six days will be spent in Bologna where Bolognese sauce comes from and Parma…home of the Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese as well as Parma ham!

We drove the 4ish hours out of Rome and into Bologna.  The introduction of this new city didn’t start off so good.  We were looking for our hotel in an area that didn’t seem so great when we saw a hooker on the corner.  Not ideal…I jumped out of the car to look at a sign which showed the direction of our hotel when the hooker got picked up by an SUV.  She looked at me as he drove her off with a completely drugged out gaze.  Where in the world are we staying?  After some searching we found our place away from the hooker area!

We checked in and confirmed the neighborhood was safe.  Our room was nice and trendy and we relaxed a bit before going back out to dinner.  With the hotel’s assistance…we went to a local restaurant called Tratoria Meloncello.  There was no menu to look at…the waiter told us our options and we ordered a salad and three pasta dishes…all homemade.  One was linguine with Bolognese sauce (mixed meat of beef and pork), the other was macaroni pasta with another type of Bolognese sauce (all pork meat) and the last was ravioli stuffed with ricotta in a sage and butter sauce.  All three were extremely good…the restaurant definitely felt local with minimal tourists in sight.  We enjoyed chatting with a couple of locals at the next table who spoke English and gave us additional tips on where to eat while in town.

After dinner, we went back to our hotel since it was late.  We will explore the town tomorrow.

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