Day 139 of 400: Genova to Tuscany – Italy

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Since it was Sunday…Genova was very quiet.  We walked through the pedestrian zone area noticing how big this city was but how all the stores were closed.  We have learned in both France and Italy…on Sundays almost nothing is open, even grocery stores are closed.  We did find a tiny coffee shop open which didn’t even have one chair in the shop.   We had to order our coffee and stand at the counter.  Coffee here seems to be more for the quick caffeine jolt vs the leisurely morning ritual in the US.

After our quick cappuccino, we continued walking through the streets…these streets were big and wide unlike a lot of other towns we’ve been to  in Europe. We saw a bakery was open so picked out some Italian sweets before sitting at a cafe for lunch.  We ordered salads and decided to drive out to Tuscany since there wasn’t much going on in Genova today.

The drive was close to four hours and once we got close to the town of Monte San Savino, we took out the very detailed instructions we had been given by our next B&B.  It had things like “pass the little red shed with the green door on your left”.  After driving on extremely twisty small roads uphill we found our place.  There was a large stone farmhouse and about 20 feet from that was a little matching stone cottage.

Martha and Ben (whom ran the B&B) came out to greet us and showed us our room.  They asked us to get settled in and then to meet them on the back patio for a glass of wine and some snacks.  The spread they had was delicious and the property was beautiful.  Martha poured us some sparkling red wine and we munched on the Parmesan cheese with truffle honey, the grilled radicchio with mustard sauce as well as the fresh melon and prosciutto.  We chatted a bit and were warned about the cinghiale…the wild boar.  They said they were seeing a lot of them and they start coming out at dusk to eat from the mulberry tree.  Martha walked us around the property a bit showing us the herbs in the garden, the old farmhouse and as we were on the side of the house…we saw our first cinghiale…of course we got a picture but it was kind of far away.

We were still hungry so drove 10 minutes down the hill to a pizza place they said was excellent.  The thinnest crust was topped with house made tomato sauce, fresh slices of tomato, shredded cheese and finished with arugula.  Our other pizza was super thin crust covered in parmesan slivers, fresh mushrooms, garlic and drizzled with truffle oil.  In Italy you get your own pizza…and eat it with a knife and fork…no eating by the slice.  And since the bread is so thin…you really can eat the whole thing alone…without any help…or at least we can!  Needless to say, these pizzas were devoured by us (we had a salad too but it was not nearly as exciting as the gooey cheese going down our throats).

It was late so with our full bellies, we drove back to our place to get some sleep.


2 Replies to “Day 139 of 400: Genova to Tuscany – Italy”

  1. Bobby and I are sitting here drinking our morning coffee and wish we were eating that pizza and getting bigger butts with you!

    1. I love that our blog is your morning read:) Oh my gosh…we just had the best pizza ever…we will blog about it soon. Will you still tell me I look good in tight shorts if I come back with a huge backside?
      We are so missing you guys. I hope all the planning is going well and stress free!!

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