Day 3 of 400: Aix en Provence – France

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We pulled into a driveway of what looked like someone’s house.  We walked in asking if we could taste her wine.  A local walked in behind us carrying 2 big plastic jugs.  The women spoke no English but through hand gestures understood we wanted to wine taste.  She opened a new bottle of red, poured it and then went back over to the local.  She picked up what looked like a big hose connected to the wall and a silver nozzle on the other end and started pouring white liquid into the jugs.  Looking exactly like tourists, we got the camera out and started taping…was that olive oil or white wine?  The local confirmed it was white wine and lasted a week…it was dirt cheap table wine!

We bought her most expensive bottle of red wine for 6 Euros and headed to the next tasting in the countryside of Aix-en-Provence.  The next tasting room was run by an English women who was super nice and assisted us with tasting 4-5 different wines.  She also gave us a tip on how to request a tasting in french.  Here is what you can say, “Est-ce-que nous pourrait deguster s’il vous plait?”  (Is it possible for us to taste please?)

We arrived in the old center of Aix En Provence and checked into our luxury hotel.  The town is very cute.  The old historical center and newer part of the city seem to meld together.  The huge fountain when you first enter the town is beautiful and the tree-lined main street is picture perfect.  We were hungry and started walking around to find a place for dinner.  We stopped first for a Guinness at a local pub because dinner was not open at most places until 7:30PM.

It was worth the wait, we found a little pizza place…anytime we see a wood burning oven for pizzas we usually can’t say no.  We ordered a pizza and salad as well as a carafe of local wine.  All were good and hit the spot.  after dinner, we headed back to our room to have some downtime and get a good night sleep.  Tomorrow we will continue south!

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  1. Amazing!! Absolutely amazing! I am so happy to see you are doing well and healthy 🙂 You are an incredible person and I look forward to hearing your travel stories. Stay safe

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