Day 167 of 400: Canale, Vezza d’ Alba, Castelinaldo and Alba – Piedmont, Italy

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Our early day started in a town called Canale…today marked the first day of their peach festival which was the main cash crop from many years ago.  We had a scheduled visit with a local winemaker first and circled through the area several times until we finally found the vineyard.

Giacomo Vico ( ) is a boutique vineyard dating back a couple of generations.  Their vineyard was tightly planted on a steep hill resulting in the need to hand-pick each grape…it would be challenging trying to get machinery up there.  We were given a warm welcome and through our English, their Italian and many hand gestures we had a great time spending a few hours walking through the warehouse, cellar and of course tasting the wine.  We purchased a bottle after much conversation and thanked them for their time before driving the few blocks into the town center.

Canale was very lively with locals filling the streets and various bands marching up and down the alleys.  There were wooden crates full of fresh and very ripe peaches being sold for a great price.  We didn’t exactly need a crate of 18 peaches but couldn’t resist the temptation.

With our peaches and wine, we left the cheery town of Canale to see what else was in the area.  We quickly realized we were driving through massive orchards full of peaches…we got out to take a few pictures and took just one that had fallen to the ground.  As we continued to drive we pulled into a lot that overlooked a beautiful countryside area of vines.  We took out the tripod and played, posing for the camera.  After our modeling we ended up in the small village of Castellinaldo.

The village was teeny tiny and built on the top of a hill.  We drove to the top and had lunch in what seemed like the only restaurant in town.  We had homemade pasta with a Bolognese sauce and risotto.  The food was very cheap and decent.  We ate, took a few pictures at the top of the views and then hurried to our last vineyard appointment of the day, Chinato Della Tenuta.

Although the daughter-in-law of the winemaker was extremely friendly and knowledgeable about their wines…we couldn’t even find one wine we liked.  They were so nice to spend hours with us discussing the local grape varieties and process of making the wine etc., but unfortunately we just didn’t like what they put in their bottles.  They make so many different types of wine, sparkling to aperitif’s to white and red, sweet and dry…we thought maybe they should focus on just a couple of types and do it really well vs spreading themselves so thin.

We drove through more beautiful countryside before finding dinner at Pizzeria Forno a Legna Ristorante.  It was a random restaurant on the side of the road between villages but we decided to give it a try.  Why do we feel the need to eat so much food in one sitting?  Do we think the food will not be available tomorrow?  Let me be clear…I do not like feeling so stuffed that I am in pain, but that said…who is really going to turn down homemade Italian food?

We ordered tube pasta with a vegetable tomato sauce and a carbonara dish to start, wait no…we started with a salad then each had a pasta and then shared a pizza!  It was excellent food and priced right.  With our filled to the rim stomachs hanging over our pants, (so not hot) we drove back to our place and called it a night.

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