Day 140 of 400: Monte San Savino and Lucignano – Italy

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It was so nice to sleep in, lazy around and get some laundry done today.  The property surrounding our cottage was very relaxing…with flowers and wildlife all around.  Giff had fun walking around taking close-up pictures and videos of the butterflies and bees.  I on the other hand , did not enjoy the 1000’s of bees and hornets flying all around our place…and the spiders…oh and don’t forget about the mosquitos.  After our uneventful day, we went to two of the small villages near us.

The first one was Lucignano…it was a small medieval village with the big fortress wall surrounding the town.  We parked outside the wall and walked through the archway.  The buildings were made of brick and stone and had the typical church at the center of the main square.  We walked along…looking at the architecture and taking pictures of the bright-colored shutters with the old Italian women leaning out their windows.

The town was small so after walking through most of it, we drove another 20 kilometers back towards our place to see the town of Monte San Savino.  This was another small medieval town with the big fortress wall and the huge entrance.  We found another spot outside the wall and walked around looking for dinner.  The town was very quiet and seemed pretty residential.  This isn’t a typical tourist town…this one is more a local vibe.

We found a restaurant right outside the wall with a nice patio overlooking the countryside.  We sat and ordered the chef special of three pasta courses of his choice.  We also ordered a salad and due to a translation issue…it came out as plain cut lettuce…nothing in it at all, not even a slice of tomato.  The first pasta that came out was a rosemary risotto.  The servings were pretty small because there were three different types to taste.  The risotto was unfortunately undercooked…it was almost crunchy and the rosemary was very overwhelming.  The second pasta was served in a truffle cream sauce. This one was pretty good…it’s texture was creamy but also had a crunch to it as we chewed through the truffle shavings.  The last course was not so great…it was served in a butter sauce with a few bites of fish.  Over all, the place was just OK…we would rate it a 6 out of 10.  We did however have a good time sitting and eating a leisurely dinner.

We went back to our place and caught up on some internet “work” before bed.

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