Day 138 of 400: Montelimar and Grignan – France

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The sweet crunchy wonton looking baked good was very yummy…what exactly it was we purchased from the bakery this morning…I don’t know but Giff and I were eating it quickly to see who would get the last bite.  Giff won…it’s not fair…his mouth is bigger.

The weekly market was going on today and was right behind our hotel in the pedestrian only zone.  We walked through the crowds picking out munchies for the road.  We found some cheeses, fruits and veggies and bread.  The market was huge spreading down many different streets…we walked through a lot of it but not all.

With our snacks in hand we checked out of the hotel and were back in the car.  We were heading to Genova today which means we will officially be sleeping in Italy tonight.

We took some of the back roads out of the city and found ourselves surrounded by fields of lavender.  The flowers were in bloom and the countryside was dotted with purple.  We pulled over to take pictures of course and stopped in a little town called, Grignan.  The town was small and cute up on a hill with a cathedral at the top.  We sat out on a patio enclosed by stone walls and green ivy for a cup of tea and snack.  The tea pots were heavy stone and had high quality tea leaves from China accompanied by little cookies and candy.  After our tea break we walked through the town to the top where we saw sweeping views of the countryside.  The little cobblestone streets were quaint and the buildings with their colored shutters were picturesque.

Back in the car, we pulled over again to take pictures of the huge lavender field with the mountaintop town we had just left in the background.  Ironically, we had bought a postcard in town of this exact same scene.

We saw our drive to Genova was a long one so we got back on the freeway.  We enjoyed our market foods in the car as the scenery into Italy started to change from lavender fields to olive groves and gorgeous views of the coast.  We were still on the toll roads but were going in and out of tunnels through the mountains with the ocean on our right.

It was pretty late when we checked into our hotel in Genova.  The hotel was an older building with the kind of elevator you see in old movies.  We got settled in, opened a bottle of wine and watched an American made movie in Italian before going to bed.

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