Day 95 of 400: Cardiff, Wales – United Kingdom

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Today we all had to be smelly.  One by one we went into the bathroom rolling our eyes that the person before couldn’t figure out how to turn on the shower.  Was it really that difficult?  You would think with three of us, someone could figure this out…but we didn’t.  We went into the dining room for our proper “English breakfast” which consisted of bacon, ham, eggs sunny side up, slice of tomato and scoop of baked beans served with a side of toast and a pot of tea or coffee.
We informed the owner of our shower challenge and she sent the house cleaner to look at it…there was a red switch outside the bathroom at the top of the wall that needed to be flipped back and fourth…of course!  Why didn’t we think of looking outside the bathroom to turn the shower water on?  The owner took 15 pounds off the bill for the inconvenience and sent us on our way.
We found ourselves back at the train station and on a train heading to Cardiff.  The 45 minute trip was easy and let us off within walking distance of the Marriott.  The weather was chilly so we checked in, bundled up, grabbed a cup of tea/coffee in the lounge and started to see the sites.  The town had one big main street full of restaurants and pubs which was all pedestrian only with little alleys off the main street to explore.  At the top of the main street was the castle of Cardiff and at the other end of the main street was our hotel.

We walked in/out of many boutiques and a large market before finding a pub for a pint.  The market had all kinds of food typical of a daily market with stalls of fruit/veggies, meats, cheeses, local homemade cakes etc.  We tasted the cake and pointed at what looked like dinosaur heads in the meat counter.  Our next stop was the very authentic Wales pub called Borough which had the owner serving us along with her daughter as the father stood behind us eating.  The three of us started chatting with the locals.  They talked to us about their government, their bar and our travels…we finished our drinks, took their picture and left to find a place to eat.  Walking down one of the little alleys, we found an all glass restaurant called The Plan.  We sat and ordered organic salads and vegetarian chili…both were good.

It was time to tackle the castle…we purchased tickets and began the self guided tour.  This castle is the only one we’ve seen so far that still has a moat full of water.  We walked at the top along the fortress wall looking out at the town and then down into the tunnels that ran along the castle wall below ground where they would hide out in case of an air attack.  They have speakers in some parts of the tunnel and play the King’s speech and sirens so you could imagine what it may have felt like during WWII.  After the tunnels we climbed the multiple stairs to the top of the castle keep where we listened to the guide tell us what each room use to be.  We finally finished our tour of the castle right at closing time.

Being we had a full day… We opted to grab some food for take out and watch a movie in our room.  Tomorrow we will head to Warwick.

3 Replies to “Day 95 of 400: Cardiff, Wales – United Kingdom”

  1. I am truly having a blast with these pictures! This is something I think can never be possible for us to afford so thank you for sharing your experience with us!!!

    Miss you B!

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