Day 96 of 400: Warwick – United Kingdom

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We left Cardiff and arrived at a tiny train station in Warwick about five hours later.  The ticket office was closed and although we saw a couple taxi’s in the small parking lot…no one was in the drivers seats.  We saw a door open at the other end of the station and inside were a few men (the taxi drivers) watching a soccer game.  We told them the address of our hotel and half looking at us/half watching the game, they  said we could walk…it wasn’t far.  They were nice enough but clearly chose to watch the game over making a few pounds to drop us off!

We made our way through the small town observing the little shops as we rolled our luggage down the sidewalk.  About 15 minutes later we saw our place called The Old Four Penny Shop and hotel.  It was a pub!  We walked in and saw the tables and chairs and the bar.  We checked into one of the rooms that were in the back building of the pub and set out to see the area of Warwick.

There were only a couple of streets all filled with restaurants and boutiques.  We found a place called the Lazy Cow which had walls made out of wine barrels and the lights made of old milk bottles.  We settled in for a couple of drinks and some snacks before finding a place for dinner.  We found a Lebanese restaurant and decided to try it.  We ordered a couple spreads and flatbread to start and a couple of meat dishes and a spicy salad.  It was getting late so headed back to our hotel.  Tomorrow we will check out the Warwick Castle!

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