Day 385 of 400: Wine Tasting Lunch at Andeluna in Valle de Uco – Argentina

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Trying to speak in another language is already challenging enough but when you need something very specific like jumper cables because the headlights on the car were left on all night…it brings a whole new element to the conversation!

After hand gestures, body gestures, pointing and random Spanglish…we finally got our point across to the staff at our B&B that our car battery was dead and needed a jump. The owner sent someone over to our car and got us up and running. The car trouble made our day run very late but eventually we got to Andeluna Cellars.

The Andeluna property was vast and beautiful with vines spread in every direction. We waited only a few minutes before our tour of the vineyard began. The guide walked us through the facility, showing us the room full of steel tanks used to ferment their wine as well as their room of oak barrels. We asked questions and took pictures before she led us back out to the main area for a taste of their final product.

Instead of the standard tasting, we decided to purchase their multi-course lunch which came with a different glass of wine per course. We sat outside on the patio with a clear view of the vines on one side and the big open kitchen on the other. Does it get any better than this?

The menu consisted of 6 courses and each one was served with a different house made-bread. We started with a fresh salad, followed by trout, then pasta, then beef, a pallet cleanser and finally strawberry frozen yogurt with mint. We thoroughly enjoyed each course, glass of wine and atmosphere…our little two-top table was packed with food and glasses and we left feeling very satisfied. We purchased some of their wine of course and then went back to our place for the evening.

For dinner, we made a salad from the farmers market veggies we had picked up and some bruschcetta. It was nice to lounge around and relax in the vines of our B&B. We did after all have a very busy day eating and drinking…

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