Day 361 of 400: Impodimo Safari Lodge, morning game drive (4 of 6) – Madikwe, South Africa

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The first animal we saw today was a huge elephant…they are so amazing and huge, we could stare at them all day! We also saw a spotted hyena laying around in the grass and a quick glimpse of a brown one. The animals were out and about this morning…we saw a couple rhinos from a distance and then a few buffalo which only allowed us to have a quick look at them before moving the herd deeper into the trees.

As we were sitting in the jeep on the dirt road, we saw an elephant across the field on the edge of the bushes…we stopped to watch. As we looked closely, we saw there were actually four, a baby, a teen and two adults. The baby was so adorable…he playfully ran across the field straight towards us showing how brave he was… The mother was not amused and started to yell at him, pushing forward. They all started to run and it looked for a minute like they were going to charge the jeep as they got closer but they continued past us to the bushes. The little elephant with his trunk swaying back and forth was just too cute, although I think he may have been grounded for moving to close to us.

As we drove through the reserve we saw another wildebeest, impalas and a very poisonous snake on the side of the road. We drove over to the area which had a big pond and was surrounded by mountains to see if any animals were drinking the water. When we arrived, we saw a lioness sitting by herself. It wasn’t the one with the two cubs but we think it was her sister, the ranger said she has been spraying the area to mark her territory. We couldn’t get too close to her…she was on the other side of the lake but it was interesting that she was sitting there by herself.

We got back to our lodge for breakfast and as we were walking on the trail by the viewing deck…a family of “clip-spring” (kind of miniature deer) were walking right past us. The lodge staff had given us a heads up about them…the family of three lives on or very nearby the property and are not as shy as a normal deer would be. They let us walk up pretty close to them taking pictures before they walked away. They had beautiful big black eyes and were about half the size of a deer.

We stood on the viewing deck for a while looking through the bushes to see if we could see any movement. Giff played around with the camera trying to get some close-up pictures of a wasp, moth and grasshopper before we went back to our room to get into our bathing suits. We decided today was a good day to lay around at the pool.

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