Day 354 of 400: Driving to Cape Point – South Africa

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We wasted about half our day today re-planning our safari trip. It was scheduled to be in various areas of Kruger Park but we were hearing that it was going through one of its worst storms in 10 years. The roads were washed away, people were being air-lifted out and the lodges were literally closing down…obviously we can’t go there. Giff had planned this part of the trip so was dealing with the travel agency, Go2Africa (

When using a travel agency, we expect at least one of three things; 1)Better rates due to their established relationships or 2)Know of a “gem” we can’t find on our own or 3)Do everything for us so we have absolutely no hassle…we just show up. Go2Africa not only failed to achieve even 1 of those 3…but they actually cost us more time and money. In some cases…we even got better rates than they could find for us. They had the nerve to charge us a “professional fee” of $500!! They called the places we found, they couldn’t match the prices we got by calling directly and Giff had to spend half the day on the phone and internet dealing with all of it. So…after traveling the world and working with many travel agencies…Go2Africa has been the most unprofessional, unethical company of them all…stay far away!!!

Once we finally got out of our hotel room…we set out to drive along one of the most scenic drives in Africa…the Cape Peninsula. It was a coastal drive and was just gorgeous with the beaches and mountains side by side. We stopped along the way in various beach towns taking pictures, shopping and of course snacking. One small town had a fish n’ chips place that we couldn’t resist…we bought the traditional English food which they wrapped in newspaper to soak up the grease, and sat on the sidewalk eating until we were licking our fingers clean. We stopped in their shops looking at clothes and jewelry and then got back in the car and continued our drive. It actually reminded us of our drive around Ireland with its rocky mountains, clear blue water, and private coves. We took the whole day driving through the picture-perfect postcard and of course getting many pictures. This is a “must see” to add to your list.

It was dinner time when we got back to our place, so we stopped at a small cafe near our hotel and picked up some cheese…we had crackers and some fruits/veggies back at our place so had a little picnic in our room for the evening, of course pairing it with a wine from Stellenbosch.

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